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Apepak Tre Misti 25,30,40Cm


APEPAK TRE MISTI: small 25 × 25, medium 30 × 30 and large 40 × 40 cm

APEPAK TRE MISTI: small 25 × 25, medium 30 × 30 and large 40 × 40 cm


Contains 3 Apepak® sheets in 3 different sizes small 25X25 CM, medium 30 × 30 and large 40 × 40 cm. 

This assorted pack of three wrappers provides a versatile introduction to Apepak® products by accommodating most uses in the kitchen. Wrap fruit, vegetables, bread and rolls, aged cheeses. Cover and seal containers, jars and terrines. Create origami by creating baskets and container-bags

Wrap made of organic GOTS cotton, certified BIO beeswax from Italian beekeepers CONAPI Mielizia, BIO Jojoba oil and natural pine resin. Handmade 100% Made in Italy. Reusable and washable for more than a year, with natural antibacterial properties typical of beeswax that help keep food fresh for a long time and allow repeated use.

Tips: With each order, you will receive a bag of pollinating seeds as a gift to help feed bees in your area.

° MULTIPURPOSE: Wrap fruit, vegetables, aged cheeses, meats and dry cured meats. Ideal for storing bread, rolls, sandwiches and as a take away wrapper for the office or picnic. Excellent as a mat for kneading bread and pasta. Cover and seal any container, jar or bowl including leavening pizza or sourdough refreshment. Ideal for wrapping cakes and storing biscuits. Wash at 30 ° and reuse.

° MALLEABLE: Thanks to the semi-rigid and malleable texture of the GOTS fabric, it will be easy to wrap and seal food. The casing is heat-molded, sealing itself on the edges with light pressure and the warmth of the hands. Despite the softness and pleasantness to the touch, Apepak® is 30% thicker than other similar products on the market.

° ECOLOGICAL: replace at least 400 meters of foil, foil, and disposable wrappers. Natural color printing and all ingredients are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

° ETHICAL: supports the reintegration into work of disadvantaged and fragile people of the Social Cooperative L'Incontro Industria 4.0.

° HELP THE BEES: actively support bees and organic beekeepers CONAPI the Italian National Beekeepers Consortium.

Wash in cold water 30 ° and rub with a sponge and natural soap.
Do not use it with meat or oily foods.
Fear of heat: keep in a cool and dry place.
Can be used in the freezer.

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