APEPAK the best ecological alternative to plastic for food

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APEPAK BAG 30x30cm
APEPAK BAG 30x30cm
APEPAK BAG 30x30cm
APEPAK BAG 30x30cm
APEPAK BAG 30x30cm
APEPAK BAG 30x30cm
APEPAK BAG 30x30cm
APEPAK BAG 30x30cm

APEPAK BAG 30x30cm

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A new daily solution to save plastic and extend life to food.

The new Apepak® bag is a practical way to keep fresh food in the fridge, take a snack to work or a snack to school.

Order today to be among the first to test the new limited edition of Apepak® bags and help us change the future of Italian kitchens.

Includes: 1 washable food bag in Apepak waxed fabric size 30x30cm + with each order a bag of pollinating seeds for bees

Produced in the Italian Social Cooperative with organic cotton, CONAPI organic beeswax, BIO jojoba oil and natural pine resin following the HACCP and MOCA regulations.

  • Multi-purpose: just wash it in cold water (no more than 20 *) and rub it lightly with a sponge and natural soap. Once dried, it is ready for a new use.
  • Quick and easy to pack the food thanks to the semi-rigid and malleable texture of the fabric: heat and roll up the flap to seal.
  • Waterproof and antiseptic thanks to CONAPI-Mielizia beekeepers' BIO wax to protect bees;
  • the wrapper is thermo molded around the food, sealing itself on the edges with a light pressure and the heat of the hands
  • Pleasant to the touch, soft and malleable thanks to certified organic cotton GOTS - the highest global quality standard with a sustainable supply chain
  • Ecological: all the ingredients are 100% biodegradable and with each use you save our planet the corresponding disposable plastic
  • Ethical because it is produced at L'Incontro Industria 4.0 Social Cooperative Society engaged in the social re-integration of less fortunate young people
    • It supports the work of honey bees
    • As a gift, seeds of Greater Widow to plant to help foraging bees in your area


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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      Simona Salza

      Era quello che mancava!

      stefano michelon
      Ottimo prodotto

      Finalmente un altro prodotto che può sostituire la plastica definitivamente
      Ci si deve fare un po' l'abitudine nell'utilizzo, questione di un paio di giorni, ma funziona egregiamente.
      Non fa rimpiangere per nulla la pellicola plastica e anzi, avvolgere gli alimenti con un prodotto naturale anziché con la plastica ti rende consapevole di quanto fosse sbagliato usare la pellicola a contatto con gli alimenti.

      federica manaresi

      Lo sto usando e consigliando a tutti!! È perfetto

      Donatella Pavan

      Sono molto soddisfatta dei teli APEPAK, sostituiscono in modo sano e non inquinante le pellicole usa&getta.

      Alissia Angelucci
      Utile e comoda

      Perfetta da portare in giro o per cibi più voluminosi