Our challenge is to give people the right tools to change the future i

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Our challenge is to give people the right tools to change the future in a regenerative way

47% of the plastic found at sea is made up of films, bags and plastic wraps. National Geographic has stated that in 2050 more plastic will be swimming in the sea than fish ...

 Apepak was created by Massimo Massarotto and his wife Molly from the realization that taking care of our environment is a responsibility that accompanies this wonderful experience of life on planet earth.

There are so many people who quickly understand the environmental costs associated with the consumption of resources, mass food and the modern economic system. Throwing away a small plastic wrap with every meal is a destructive habit that in the long run creates irreparable damage. Fortunately, scientific studies today describe the problem clearly and allow us to take concrete action to solve it.

Massimo and Molly, passionate about ecology and cooking, have worked hard to create a simple tool (Apepak) that could give people the opportunity to change their consumption habits from destructive to regenerative, giving, with a simple gesture, an enormous contribution to zerowaste revolution.

Massimo Massarotto e Molly fondatori di Apepak per la sostenibilità

"Educating and spreading a good habit drastically improves the world around us.​" Massimo writes.

Together with 200 Italian families and the social cooperatives we work with, after two years of improvement, we are pleased to be able to announce the birth of Apepak: not only a product that we slowly hope will revolutionize the entire food industry, but also a tool to change concretely our lifestyle increasingly towards a circular economy.


Apepak is an organic food packaging that allows you to replace hundreds of meters of film and plastic containers, aluminum polystyrene etc. It preserves food in a healthy way, extends the life of food by protecting it with natural antimicrobial substances, it is washed and reused hundreds of times and after a few years it biodegrades becoming nourishment for the environment.
Each family that chooses Apepak saves 1 meter of plastic a day and the expense contributes to a model of regenerative economy that promises to leave the planet in a better state than we found it.
"Alone a tree, together a forest". Massimo and Molly have set their work, products and the entire Apepak business system on the "Benefit Corporation" model: a for-profit company that is concerned with having a positive impact on society, employees, the community and the environment. 
"Important revolutions are those that benefit everyone; We hope to move to the side of the solution and to set a positive example even for those who have never thought about it before."
-Massimo Massarotto



lavoro etico e sostenibile da cooperativa sociale, Apepak impiega persone con difficoltà psichiche

Production is managed by the members of the Social Cooperative The Industry 4.0 Meeting which employs people with psycho-social problems of different nature. The focus is on those people who need help with job placement.
Normally it is not a competitive workforce, rather an available, patient and formative work environment that allows them to cultivate skills, knowledge and manual skills taking into account different learning rhythms and needs. The value project and the tailor-made working environment systematically contribute to the intellectual, practical and economic enrichment of those who work for Apepak.
Through the work in a Social Cooperative one has the possibility (otherwise denied by our competitive social economic system) to earn a salary and a productive role in the community despite having different skills.

By purchasing Apepak you will be paid about 30 minutes of work for a member of the Social Cooperative L'Incontro Industria 4.0 in Vedelago (TV).


economia circolare rigenerativa Apepak

- "If bees disappeared from the earth, man would only have 4 years of life left" -

- "Honey bees have been added to endangered protected species" -

To make Apepak, you need beeswax. To make the wax you need honey bees and millions of flowers. This is why we have chosen a certified raw material procurement system that supports bees and organic beekeepers in our territory and that contributes to improving the environment, society and the working sectors involved.

Legambiente, Slowfood, WWF and CONAPI are among the main defenders of the bio-diversity of our environment. We are constantly working to help them in the fight against pesticides and the protection of honey bees.

For example, in addition to using only organic ingredients, with every purchase of Apepak we give away a bag of pollinating flower seeds for flower beds to give back to the bees the nectar they need to make Apepak.

The envelope contains Buckwheat, Facelia, Sunflower, Borage, Lupine, Alexandrian and Persian Clover, Summer Vetch, Ginestrino, Cardiaca and Dill which help bees to survive even during periods of poor nutrition such as autumn.

By purchasing Apepak also remuneri about 3 working days of honey bees of organic beekeepers CONAPI the Italian beekeepers consortium that supports pesticide-free crops.

The cotton comes from organic cultivation and certified ethical supply chain GOTS

In collaboration with


 Premio innovazione Legambiente ad Apepak l'involucro alimentare alternativa alla plastica


We are proud to be able to say:




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