Each Apepak wrap can last more than 3 rolls of plastic film.

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Each Apepak wrap can last more than 3 rolls of plastic film.

47% of the plastic found at sea is made up of films, bags and plastic wraps.


Have you ever wondered if there is an ecological alternative to plastic that we throw away every time we discard a food?  

Today you can use APEPAK as food packaging

the ecological future is in our hands

  • Save 1 meter of plastic film each time you use it;
  • Support the protection of honey bees and organic beekeepers CONAPI the Italian beekeepers consortium;
  • Remunerates the members of the Social Cooperative L'Incontro 4.0 who produce all the Apepak every day; 




Massimo Massarotto e Molly Knickerbocker fondatori di Apepak

Apepak was created by Massimo Massarotto and his wife Molly.

There are tons of people out there who quickly understand the difference between throwing out one wrapper a day, or reusing it for a year.

Massimo and Molly passionate about ecology and cooking, have worked hard to create a simple tool that could give these people the opportunity to make a huge difference in the way we waste plastic.

"Spreading a good habit drastically improves the world around us."Writes Massimo.

Together with 200 Italian families and the social cooperatives we work with, after two years of improvement, we are pleased to be able to announce the birth of Apepak: not only a product that we slowly hope will revolutionize the entire food industry, but also a tool to change concretely our lifestyle increasingly towards a circular economy.

There is a long way to go but the solution exists, you just need to understand and act.

We hope that more and more families, like 12,000 already in Italy, will come to the side of the solution with us.



lavoro etico e sostenibile da cooperativa sociale, Apepak impiega persone con difficoltà psichiche

Production is managed by the members of the Social Cooperative The Industry 4.0 Meeting which employs people with psycho-social problems of different nature.
Through this work they have the opportunity to regain their dignity and social role in the community.

By purchasing Apepak you are remunerating about 30 minutes of work for a disadvantaged member of our company by supporting their lives and the recovery of their dignity.


la cera d'api biologica degli apicoltori sostenibili conapi

- "If bees disappeared from the earth, man would only have 4 years of life left" -

- "Honey bees have been added to endangered protected species" -

By purchasing Apepak you remunerate about 3 days of work of the honey bees of the beekeepers CONAPI the consortium of Italian beekeepers who practice sustainable and pesticide-free beekeeping 

You also support the agriculture of organic cotton with a certified ethical supply chain GOTS


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 Premio innovazione Legambiente ad Apepak l'involucro alimentare alternativa alla plastica



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