How do you use Apepak natural food wrap?

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The sustainable revolution in the kitchen
This is the innovative and reusable food wrap made with organic cotton and organic beeswax. It is ideal for storing food in a healthy way, reducing waste and helping the planet. Sustainable-reusable-Ethical

How to adopt a sustainable lifestyle in the kitchen:


1Warm the Apepak cloth with your hands to soften it and wrap it around the food or spread it on the edge of the plate

2Apply light pressure with your hands to seal the wrapper

3Wash it with cold water and, if necessary, rub it with a sponge and soap

4Roll it out to dry and reuse it hundreds of times

What are the advantages of using Apepak?

Keeps bread, cakes, cheeses, salamis soft and fragrant

Preserve aromatic herbs, vegetables, mushrooms and fruit

Covers and seals terrines, leftovers and delays condensation in the salad

Bring a snack or a snack for school or picnic to work

Protect food in the fridge and freezer

Helps the leavening of doughs for bread, pasta, cakes and biscuits