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Frequent questions

We do our best to answer the most frequently asked questions we receive, write to us at for any curiosity, we will be happy to answer within a few hours!

  • Why is Apepak better than other competitors?

Apepak is the only one made with 140 grams / m2 organic cotton that is 2 times thicker than other similar products. This means more beeswax, more performance and more durability over time.

  • What impact can you have by joining the Apepak revolution?
-Wrap a sandwich and you have saved the environment 30 square cm of plastic film. In one year together we have saved 1.5 million meters!

-Remain 30 minutes of work for a member of the social cooperative L'Incontro, usually a disabled person, a former drug addict or an elderly person.
- Extend the life of bread, cheeses, mushrooms and salads by about 30%
  • Do I help bees by buying Apepak?
- Support 1 day of work of about 1000 Italian honey bees;
The main causes of the extinction of bees are traced back to deforestation and the use of pesticides in the area where the bees graze. By supporting beekeepers, we therefore give them the means to monitor, report and combat the practices of deforestation and use of pesticides in the area, an effect that unfortunately would go unnoticed without their contribution.
  •  Are bees exploited?

The production of beeswax is a physiological necessity, and satisfying this need is a duty of conscientious beekeepers. Reselling the wax surplus can provide beekeepers with a form of supplementary income, necessary to do their job with more attention and satisfaction, thus ensuring the maintenance of active beekeeping. 

  • Why does it cost so much?
Apepak actually costs less than plastic and has many advantages:
it is handmade and with noble ingredients: Gots organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil and organic pine resin.
Wrapping a sandwich with plastic costs about 0.05 euros each wrapping, while with Apepak you spend 7 euros at the beginning but since  is washable and reusable up to 1000 uses, the cost for each package is reduced to about 0.007 cents: almost a tenth of the film and without consequences for the environment!
  • Where does the money go?
To be 100% transparent about our costs:
About 50% of the price goes to pay for raw materials;
About 25% of the price remunerates the growers of the raw materials and the beekeepers;
About 25% of the price goes to Apepak employees to serve you and continue to create social impact.
Our challenge:
Like any business, the costs are high at the beginning but we hope to be able to lower them thanks to the growth and establishment of the company in the market. We are working hard to lower costs, our goal  is being able to bring Apepak into everyone's kitchen, including families and cooks, but only the support of the public will give us the means to attract investments, improve our products and create an important social and ecological impact.
Thanks for your support!
  • Where can I find Apepak?
We prefer if Apepak here on our website but if you prefer to support resellers in your country, you can find a list of stores here:


  • What if I wanted to become a reseller or propose it to my GAS or help you promote it, why do I get excited doing the right thing?


If you are a shopkeeper, a blogger a GAS who wants to affiliate with us or simply a private individual who is enthusiastic about introducing Apepak to friends, you can fill out this form to request prices and methods:

  • What is Apepak made with?
Apepak is produced with a thick GOTS certified organic cotton fabric from organic cultivation and sustainable supply chain. We chose thick cotton because it holds more wax so it performs better and lasts longer.
To guarantee the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties we impregnate the cotton with organic beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin that make Apepak malleable, antibacterial and washable for continuous use over time up to 4 years!
  • Tips to use / choose it?
Use the heat of your hands to thermo-form Apepak around a sandwich, half a lemon, a piece of cheese or a plate with dinner leftovers.

In a couple of seconds Apepak will take and hold the shape you gave it while keeping the wrapper sealed.

The giant Apepak  is suitable for loaves, large terrines or trays;

The great Apepak for sandwiches, cheeses and take-away snacks;

The medium apepak for half an onion or lemon, seal a jar of gravy or half a zucchini.

The only use advised against is with raw meat becauseis releases a lot of juices that could damage the impermeability of the product and permanently stain it, making washing very difficult.

Remember that over 30 degrees beeswax tends to melt, so if you wash Apepak in warm or hot water (above 30 degrees centigrade) you risk melting and therefore losing the sealing properties of beeswax.

You can cut your Apepak to the size you prefer and indulge your creativity in creating bags, spherical or square shapes.

Experiment with folding techniques to make the most of the surface of your Apepak!

Read also on our blog and on social channels the creative uses of other users!
  • How do you wash and care for Apepak properly?
To ensure the longevity of the product, wash it in cold water (no more than 30 * centigrade) and if necessary, rub it lightly with a little natural soap or vinegar.
Avoid exposure to heat sources above 30 degrees centigrade, the beeswax melts!
We also advise against using Apepak with meats, overly oily foods and liquid cheeses. You could drastically shorten its duration.
  • How long does an Apepak last?

Keeping it with care and using it daily Apepak lasts more than a year!

We have tested it for more than a thousand uses, you will find that the life of your wrapper is over when the cotton cloth has lost the sealing properties of beeswax. 

  • Does it have a smell?
A new Apepak smells slightly of beeswax. The scent dissipates after the first uses and washes until it disappears completely.

The scent of beeswax changes according to the seasons and the flowers from which bees make wax. We love it but some people may not prefer it. If you are a person particularly sensitive to this perfume, write to us and we will refund your purchase without problems!

  • New dimensions and customized supply
Apepak to date, is available in 4 formats
3 Enclosures of larger sizes than other manufacturers:
    • MEDIUM 25 x 25 cm, for cups, half an apple, cheese, dried fruit, a snack in the park.
    • LARGE 30X30 cm, for half a melon, two fruits, sandwiches, take-away snacks
    • GIANT 40X40 cm, large loaves of bread, large terrines. Also ideal for covering bread or pizza dough during leavening because it is slightly transpiring
    • TRIO together has one casing per size.
    • PRO: 60x40 cm format for cooks, ideal for covering Gastronorm trays or for cutting Apepak as you wish

Feel free to experiment with the various formats and familiarize yourself with this versatile product!

In any case we can customize Apepak for your needs, just send us a request to and we will do our best to fulfill it! 

Tell us about your wrapping techniques via Facebook or instagram!
  • Can it be used in the freezer?

Yes Apepak can be used in the freezer to keep food fresh 2-3 weeks. The only difference is that its structure will be more rigid. As Apepak is breathable, we recommend checking the quality of the food after 2 or 3 weeks to ensure proper storage. It is perfect for freezing pizza dough or baked goods.

  • Why do we talk about ethical production?
Apepak is produced by L'Incontro, a social cooperative of Vedelago (Treviso) which on the one hand offers socio-health, educational and training services, on the other it promotes the employment of disadvantaged people in different productive contexts (assemblages, work on behalf of third parties, agricultural activities).
The meeting works with people in situations of marginalization and disadvantage at different levels: people with addiction problems (alcohol addicts, subjects in double diagnosis, people with gambling addictions or other forms of behavioral addictions, young people in situations of risk) that require therapeutic, rehabilitative, social, family and work reintegration interventions; 
Through the production of Apepak, the members of L'Incontro, working, have the possibility of regaining their dignity, producing a good that helps the environment and reduces waste in our homes.
  • Money Back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with your Apepak, return it to us within 30 days and let us know what went wrong. We will be happy to refund 100% of the price!
(excluding shipping cost)
  • What payment methods are accepted?
You can buy Apepak using your Paypal account, by credit card or bank transfer.

To pay without registering with paypal, click the gray button at the bottom of the dialog box during the payment phase


If you have other questions write to, we will reply within a few hours!