How do you use Apepak natural food wrap?

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How to adopt an ecological and plastic free lifestyle in the kitchen with Apepak

Apepak allows you to store food in a healthy and natural way, reducing the use of plastic film and disposable wrappers while cooking, when carrying a snack, storing leftovers or keeping food fresh in and out of the fridge.

  1. Choose the ideal Apepak size to completely wrap the food you want to keep or the dish you want to cover

  2. Warm the Apepak cloth with your hands to soften it and wrap it around the food or spread it on the edge of the plate.

  3. Apply light pressure and Apepak will seal forming an airtight seal

  4. Wash it with cold water and lightly scrubbing with a sponge and soap

  5. hang it out to dry and reuse hundreds of times!

- Preserves bread, cheeses, salami, desserts, soft and fragrant;

-Keep herbs, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms fresh and non-condensing;

- Cover plates, terrines and oven dishes with salads or leftovers;

-Take a snack with you to school, work or a picnic with friends;

-Protect the food in the freezer;

-Helps leavening dough for bread, cakes or homemade pasta;

ape pak pellicola ecologica naturale per alimentiApepak sostituto della plastica pak alimentare ecologico



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