EARTH DAY - April 22, 2022

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Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22, or the World Day dedicated to environmental sustainability and the protection of our Planet.

For those like us who are committed to safeguarding our Mother Earth, this is one of the green events most important in the world: about a billion people on this date are mobilized in order to raise the awareness of governments and the population on various issues: to date the climate emergency and the responsibility of our lifestyles are among the most urgent topics that will come treated on this day.

“Our commitment comes from the enchantment we feel when we notice the nature around us every day. A walk in a wood, a swim in a mountain lake, a sunset at the sea and immediately the sense of belonging pervades us. Nature is a complex and wonderful spectacle and our passion convinces us to take care of it.

In our little self, Molly and all the Earth Day participants we appeal to people like you who read us (you didn't come here by chance) knowing that sharing this experience makes us all stronger. Sooner or later, one step at a time in this direction, we will be able to sensitize even those who do not cultivate within themselves this passion for nature by taking it for granted. "

"Apepak for us represents the commitment to respect nature not only during Earth Day but all year round: We want to start from nature to return to nature: replacing disposable plastic in the kitchen means reducing food waste and safeguarding the environment.

The fate of the planet is in our hands: let's start with small daily gestures to change the world. "

Massimo Massarotto - Founder of Apepak

Sometimes you just need to open your eyes, some other times you need to completely upset people's minds by making a lot of noise. During Earth Day we will see some good ones 😉

How was Earth Day born?

The history of this event starts from afar, and exactly in 1969: John McConnell, peace activist and ecology enthusiast, proposed the establishment of a Day to celebrate the beauty of the Earth, life and peace, during the Conference of 'Unesco in San Francisco. The following year, in March, 36 world leaders officially signed a pledge to care for the planet through a list of principles and responsibilities.

On April 22, 1970, EARTH DAY was established by Senator Nelson, an ecological event initially limited to the United States. It was Denis Hayes who transformed it into a worldwide event, involving more than 180 nations.

It has come a long way since 1970: over the years, Earth Day has mobilized millions of people, sensitized the population to the sustainable culture of recycling and managed to highlight environmental issues on a global scale.

How is Earth Day celebrated?

The ways to celebrate Earth Day are very varied and everyone has their own, public or private, to take action for this day. I figuratively imagine that our Mother Earth is constantly under pressure from mankind.

Bombing, deforestation, raw material extraction, pollution, poisoning of waterways are like big boulders that weigh and keep it under pressure.

During Earth Day I imagine and I hope to be able to relieve some of this tension Do you remember in 2019 when in Venice after a few months of halt to ship traffic due to COVID, the canals were populated by dolphins? Here is such a thing.

Last year I took two days off and went camping in the mountains (my favorite place). Some friends can't take two days so they opted for a riverside picnic with guitar. Not sure how to celebrate Earth Day? Here are 10 ideas for this day!

If, on the other hand, you want to indulge your imagination, you can follow the 4 Rs in your own way!

REDUCE: limits the production of waste and waste to the minimum necessary

RECYCLE: Recycle where possible

REUSE: choose products that can be reused several times and give new life to objects through different uses

REPAIR: Before throwing out and buying new items, try to repair them

In short, as you can see, you can invent everything, the idea is to raise awareness, educate and create positive experiences while we do it.

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