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Frequent questions

Here are the answers to the most frequent doubts about Apepak®. If you have other curiosities you can write to us at info@apepak.it or we are available in Live Chat.


Apepak® is made with a thick GOTS certified organic cotton fabric from organic cultivation and sustainable supply chain. We chose thick cotton because it holds more wax so it performs better and lasts longer.

To guarantee the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties we impregnate the cotton with organic beeswax from CONAPI beekeepers, organic jojoba oil and natural pine resin. These elements make Apepak® malleable, antibacterial and washable for use over time for over a year!

You can buy Apepak® directly from your home in the online shop or look for the official dealer closest to you.



Use the heat of your hands to thermo-form Apepak® around your food or a bowl: in a couple of seconds Apepak® will take and keep the shape you gave it, keeping the wrapper sealed and keeping it at its best.

Depending on the different formats, you can use the wrappers to wrap them around a sandwich, half a lemon, a piece of cheese or a plate with dinner leftovers.

You can also cut your Apepak® to the size you prefer and indulge your creativity in creating bags, spherical or square shapes, experimenting with new folding techniques.



The bags allow you to seal food quickly and easily, but are particularly suitable for take away. You can take your lunch or snack to the office, to the gym, to school, for a trip out of town, without the bulk and weight of rigid containers and avoiding polluting films.

In general, avoid exposure to heat sources above 30 degrees centigrade, beeswax melts! Keep it in a cool and dry place, avoid overheated environments.

Also for washing use cold water (temperature below 30 °) and, only if necessary, rub it with a little natural soap or vinegar.

We do not recommend using Apepak® with meats, foods that are too oily and liquid cheeses; you could drastically shorten its duration. Pay particular attention to raw meat, which releases a lot of juices that could affect the impermeability of the product and permanently stain it.

You can use Apepak® in the freezer. Apepak® should not be used in the microwave or dishwasher; it is disposed of in the wet or dry.

To ensure the longevity of the product, wash it in cold water (no more than 30 ° centigrade): above 30 degrees, beeswax tends to melt, so if you wash Apepak® in warm or hot water you risk dissolving and therefore losing its properties. beeswax sealants.

If necessary, rub it lightly with some natural soap or vinegar. Hang it out to dry and it's ready for a new use.

Keeping it with care and using it daily Apepak® lasts more than a year!

We have tested it for more than 1000 uses; you will find that the life of your wrapper is over when the cotton swab has lost the sealing property of beeswax.

Yes, Apepak® can be used in the freezer. The only difference is that its structure stiffens in the cold. As Apepak® is breathable, we recommend checking the quality of the food after 2 or 3 weeks to ensure proper storage.

When you want to get rid of Apepak®, you can throw it in the wet or dry waste, because Apepak® is 100% biodegradable. Some municipalities prefer it in the dry because the decomposition takes a little longer than in food.


Replacing plastic with Apepak® is not only beneficial to the environment, but also to your pockets!

Here because:

  • Apepak® EXTENDS THE LIFE OF FOOD and keeps it fresh for a long time: reducing waste means reducing your food expenditure
  • With Apepak® you no longer have to buy disposable packaging between plastic film and disposable wrappers, and you can reuse it for over a year. After about 60 days you will have already amortized the purchase price
  • With Apepak® YOU SUPPORT MADE IN ITALY, local work and craftsmanship that guarantees high production standards: Apepak® is handmade in Italy, with noble ingredients such as Gots organic cotton, organic beeswax from CONAPI beekeepers, organic jojoba oil and pine resin
  • With Apepak® you support the WORKING REINSERTION OF PEOPLE WITH DIFFERENT SKILLS through cooperative work: people who believe like you in an eco-sustainable economy
  • With Apepak® YOU PROTECT THE PLANET by eliminating over 400 meters of polluting plastics and supporting more and more organic bees and beekeepers, thus regenerating pasture land

Each Apepak® is equivalent to an expense of about 50 euros between plastic film and disposable wrappers, but with many more advantages.

Wrapping a sandwich with plastic costs about € 0.05 per wrapping; while with Apepak® you face an initial cost of 7 euros, but since it is washable and reusable up to 1000 times, the cost for each package is reduced to about 0.007 cents: almost a tenth compared to the film and without consequences for the environment!

… And not other materials? Apepak® is a waxed fabric that actively protects the food. Normally foods last about 30% longer than paper and plastic, because beeswax and jojoba oil have antimicrobial properties that slow down the development of condensation and mold. All in full respect for the environment.


… And not containers? With the heat of your hands you can activate Apepak® making it malleable and sealing around fruit, vegetables, bread etc. In this way, compared to using a rigid container, you will save in space and weight. It is light, waterproof and above all convenient, because you can wash it with cold water hundreds of times, saving money and environmental impact.


… And not competing products? Apepak® is also the only wrapper made with 140 grams / m2 organic cotton, which is twice as thick as other similar products. This means more beeswax, more performance and more durability over time.

Furthermore, by purchasing Apepak® you support an ethical production and the employment of disadvantaged people in productive contexts of different nature.

Here are the most important results:

400 meters of film saved on average with each Apepak® used. In this way, in 10 years it will be possible to consolidate a concrete plastic-free change.


30 minutes of solidarity work paid by a disadvantaged member of the Social Cooperative L'Incontro Industria 4.0. A disabled person, or a former drug addict or an elderly person, who thanks to this project is able to stabilize their life better.


10 grams of pollen given to bees through the flower seeds that you will receive with every Apepak® order and thanks to which you help honey bees and the environment, supporting beekeeping and organic agriculture.

We are talking about ethical production because Apepak® is produced by the Social Cooperative L'Incontro Industria 4.0., A cooperative of Vedelago (Treviso) which on the one hand offers socio-health, educational and training services, on the other it promotes the employment of people disadvantaged in different types of production contexts (assembly, work on behalf of third parties, agricultural activities).

The meeting works with people in situations of marginalization and disadvantage at different levels: people with addiction problems (alcohol addicts, subjects in double diagnosis, people with gambling addictions or other forms of behavioral addictions, young people in situations of risk) that require therapeutic, rehabilitative, social, family and work reintegration interventions;

Through the production of Apepak®, the members of the social cooperative, working, have the opportunity to regain their dignity, producing a good that helps the environment and reduces waste in our homes.

To be 100% transparent about our costs:

About 40% of the price goes to pay for raw materials;

About 20% of the price remunerates the members of the social cooperative;

About 20% of the price goes to Apepak® employees to serve you and continue to create social impact.

About 20% is worth reinvesting in research and development.

Our challenge:

Like any business, the costs are high at the beginning but we hope to be able to lower them thanks to the growth and establishment of the company in the market. We are working hard to lower production costs: our goal is to be able to bring Apepak® into everyone's kitchen, including families and cooks, but only the support of consumers will give us the means to attract investments, improve our products and create an important social and ecological impact.

Thanks for your support!

Yes: our company was born precisely to support a "regenerative" economic model and Italian organic beekeeping. Each purchase supports 1 day of work of about 1000 bees and thanks to the program "Give a flower to a bee" you will receive as a gift a bag of pollinating flower seeds which, once planted, will return nectar and pollen to the bees for their sustenance.


The main causes of the extinction of bees can be traced back to deforestation and the use of pesticides in the area where the bees graze. By supporting our beekeepers, we therefore give them the means to monitor, report and combat the practices of deforestation and use of pesticides in the Italian territory, an effect that unfortunately would go almost unnoticed without their contribution.

No! The production of beeswax is a physiological necessity, and satisfying this need is a duty of conscientious beekeepers. Reselling the surplus of wax can provide beekeepers with a form of supplementary income, necessary to do their job with more attention and satisfaction, thus ensuring the maintenance of active beekeeping.

A new Apepak® smells slightly of beeswax. The scent dissipates after the first uses and washes until it disappears completely, without affecting the smell of food.


If you are not satisfied with your Apepak®, return it within 30 days and let us know what went wrong. We will be happy to refund the 100% of the price!

(excluding shipping cost)

You can buy Apepak® using your Paypal account, by credit card or cash on delivery.

To pay without registering with paypal, click the gray button at the bottom of the dialog box during the payment phase.

We rely on the fastest and most reliable couriers (TNT, GSL…). Shipping is free for orders over 40 euros, while we ask for a contribution of 4.90 euros for purchases of less than 40 euros in total.

If you have other questions write to us in the live chat, by email at info@Apepak®.it and whatsapp at +393456331236, we will answer you within a few hours!


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