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Grocery shopping is one of those areas where there are many opportunities to reduce spending and increase household savings by a large margin. In addition to the usual approach of directly reducing the quantity or quality of your purchases, there is another way to save up to € 400 from your grocery bill. The secret is to move from plastic wrapping to Apepak sustainable food wrapping.

How can it help me save money, you may ask, when a piece of beeswax food film is so much more expensive than a piece of cling film? Sounds like a dubious suggestion, but it really works and quite effectively.

There are several statistics that support this seemingly questionable claim and we'll talk about them shortly. In the meantime, let's first outline the numerous changes that will take place in your family when you move to Apepak.

Reduced plastic purchases
From an ecological point of view, this is probably the biggest advantage you can get from Apepak. Plastic wrappers, disposable food bags and zip lock containers contribute significantly to the more than 2.9 million tons of plastic waste in Italian landfills. When you switch to Apepak wraps, you will no longer need to purchase these plastics as you will no longer have any use for them.

Although Italy has a decent level of recycling processes for plastics, cling film in particular is made of a material that is very difficult to recycle, so everything pretty much goes to landfill where it will stay for centuries before it starts to decompose. You will really do a lot of good for the environment if you stop using these single-use plastics and move on to more environmentally and cost-effective options like beeswax wrappers.

Prolonged freshness of food
By storing most types of food in Apepak containers, you can keep them fresh up to 30% more than usual and be able to consume more than just letting it all go to waste or get caught in mold. According to studies by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, food worth 13 billion euros is wasted every year in Italy. Sure, you can't save all of this with your Apepak food wrappers, but you can definitely do your part and save on the food you can at your home.

More savings for the family
Finally, it's time to talk about how to save up to 400 euros in groceries, which we know is what you really care about. After all, who wouldn't be interested in extending their family budget as much as possible?

The truth is that up until now we have not limited ourselves to beating around the bush, talking about all the advantages of Apepak. Everything we've mentioned above actually has to do with saving money.

Long-term savings by eliminating plastic
Let's talk about how it works when you swap your wraps for a couple of Apepak beeswax wraps. A roll of film costs around 5 euros and is fine for 100 uses. With daily use, an Italian family would make at least 3 rolls of cling film a year, which would be worth 15 euros. In 4 years, this would amount to 60 euros.

Conversely, a full-sized Apepak wrap costs 7 euros, which is certainly more expensive at first. But this single Apepak wrap can be reused at least 1000 times and much longer with proper care. So in the 4 years you would only need the one-off purchase of 7 euros against the 60 euros you would spend on transparent film, a saving of almost 12% which is not bad at all.

Daily savings by preserving the freshness of food

Now, when it comes to prolonging food freshness, Apepak Beeswax Wraps will help you save a huge amount of groceries. Not many perhaps know this, but Italy has a serious problem with food waste. It is so bad that the government has already passed legislation to tackle the problem of food waste.

More than 5 million tons of food will be wasted every year and much of this is due to the fact that many Italian families buy more food than they can consume. Much spoils in the pantry or even in the refrigerator before it can be consumed. According to a recent survey on domestic food waste in Italy, families throw on average 40 grams of bread, 32 grams of vegetables, 31 grams of fruit, 29 grams of pasta, 24 grams of fish and 23 grams of meat per day, plus many others. such as milk, legumes, frozen foods and so on. Based on current food prices in Italy, the total daily waste amounts to only almost 1 euro per day, but this is over 300 euro per year.

By using Apepak Sustainable Food Wraps, you can extend the shelf life of most foods up to 30%. Bread with Apepak for example remains soft for a week. Grana cheese lasts about a week longer.

This will drastically reduce food waste in your home and help you eliminate that unnecessary annual waste of 300 euros of valuable food for your family.

It all adds up
So with the 53 euros saved on the purchase of an Apepak food paper instead of four years of cling film, plus all the food you can save from spoilage and waste, you will really save more than 400 euros from your grocery bill over time, and that doesn't it's definitely the kind of savings potential you would simply ignore.

Of course, while cutting expenses is always a good thing, the idea of using Apepak is not just about financial savings. It is about living a simpler life where you take care of your environment, leaving a better world for your children and taking a stand for the conservation and protection of our planet.

When you realize the value of these benefits, you won't think twice about switching to Apepak, and you will definitely never go back.

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