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Apepak is the no-plastic alternative for food storage. A revolutionary food packaging made in 100% Made in Italy waxed organic cotton, quality raw materials and certified supply chain. The new frontier of the natural method of preservation, which extends the life of food and keeps it fresh for longer. It replaces transparent films, cellophane and plastic and silicone containers.
Apepak organic wrappers are made with organic beeswax from CONAPI beekeepers, organic GOTS cotton, organic jojoba oil and natural pine resin. They are therefore organic and ecological, with each use you save our planet its equivalent in disposable plastic. The products are 100% Made in Italy and the supply chain is certified and controlled. MOCA and HACCP certifications.

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01 Practical

With Apepak you can cover or form bowls, wrap vegetables, aromatic herbs, half lemons, cheeses, leftovers, bread and sandwiches. It is very easy to use because it is malleable, it molds itself with the warmth of the hands, sealing the food.


It is eco-friendly, biodegradable, washable and reusable for over a year. It replaces at least 400mt of plastic bags, cellophane, aluminum and disposable wrappers.

03 Ethical

Apepak is handmade by the Social Cooperative L'Incontro 4.0 which has the MOCA certification and respects the HACCP standards. With Apepak, it is argued
the work reintegration of people with disabilities; through cooperative work, they thus have an opportunity for work and social integration.

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Apepak uses GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) cotton, the highest world quality standard and certification of excellence.
GOTS cotton provides for the harvesting of natural fibers in the field in compliance with environmental and social criteria.


Beeswax is 100% organic and Made in Italy with a certified and controlled supply chain, contributing to the protection of over 5 billion bees. Apepak uses beeswax CONAPI-MIELIZIA, the National Consortium of Italian Beekeepers.


Certified organic without the use of toxic or harmful substances. It is revitalizing and prevents dehydration of beeswax.


100% natural guarantees perfect adhesion for sealing the cloth.
Protecting bees
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Suppliers and manufacturers follow the Italian MOCA and HACCP standards, laboratory tests confirm the quality of conservation
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Moca and Haccp certification
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Solidarity work
100% Made in Italy
Gots organic cotton
Apepak is made with artisanal and non-industrial processes. The choice of “handmade” is a prerogative that distinguishes Apepak from other similar products on the market. The craftsmanship guarantees the highest production standards and greater attention to detail. The entire production chain is supervised and guaranteed by a team in charge of quality control of the individual pieces. The on-site production makes the product extremely sustainable from an environmental point of view as it does not use assembly lines and does not require transport by ship / container to reach the market, thus significantly reducing emissions of fossil fuels into the atmosphere.


Apepak is produced by L'Incontro Industria 4.0 Social Cooperative Society. The production employs people with disabilities who, through this work, have the opportunity to highlight and enhance their talents and creativity.

Production chain
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The Apepak casings are made with the Italian organic beeswax of the beekeepers CONAPI-MIELIZIA, the Consortium with more than 100,000 hives throughout the country and over 600 beekeepers, which represents the chain of producers of honey, pollen, propolis, baby food. real and organic wax. CONAPI-Mielizia contributes to the protection of over 5 billion bees and Apepak - by choosing the Consortium's Italian organic wax - supports these wonderful insects and their guardians.
CONAPI-Mielizia is the first producer of organic honey and beehive products in Italy. Working organically means, among the many choices, placing hives away from sources of pollution, raising bees in total respect of their biorhythms and treating them with natural systems to defend them from any diseases. Apepak and Conapi and Mielizia are united in this project by common objectives and shared values such as the defense of bees, the environment, biodiversity and consumer awareness.

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