Tradition, Flavor and Eco-sustainability: Apepak replaces the plastic

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Tradition, Flavor and Eco-sustainability: Apepak replaces the plastic of Madeo salamis

Ethics and ecological innovation nourished by sincere enthusiasm

We are very proud to announce the ecological partnership that sees Apepak dress a line of salami in the Madeo Agri-food Supply Chain.

Madeo specializes in the production of Salami of Black Pig of Calabria D.O.P., a true excellence of our country that has built its strength by focusing, since its origins, on a ethical farming system and of ecological innovation, to become the most important indigenous breed supply chain in Italy, certified and awarded internationally.

The choice of Apepak cloths for the 100% natural packaging of its products represents for Madeo the most recent step in an exceptional journey based on respect for the environment and the eco-sustainability of each resource.

During the last months of 2020 Madeo replaced with Apepak several thousand plastic packaging offering the consumer a more ecological product and apparently even more performing than vacuum-packed.

Anna Madeo e il Premio Pig Award per allevamento sostenibile

Therefore, the enthusiasm with which we prepare for this new collaboration is sincere, just as sincere is the enthusiasm that emerges from the cheerful words of Anna Madeo (Sales and Marketing Manager) while leading us to learn more about the history of the Supply Chain:

My father, Ernesto Madeo, was a very young Calabrian student, who grew up in a hillside village of only 2500 inhabitants, when he decided to start, in 1984, a small amateur farm to protect the native breed of the Black Pig of Calabria, at the time. endangered.

Today, after 30 years of hard work, Madeo has 5,000 animals on over 100 hectares of land, reared with the same domestic method applied by my father at the beginning of his business. Our animals live in the wild and semi-wild, they spend the day looking for herbs, roots and olives, foods that complement a 100% natural diet, followed by Madeo step by step.

The growth rate of pigs has always been in tune with the times dictated by natural laws and with the well-being that the same Supply Chain guarantees to each animal. An approach strongly opposed to the logic of pigs per square meter imposed by intensive farming ".

Ernesto Madeo assieme ad Apepak il successo del futuro sotenibile

It could be defined as a true avant-garde choice that has made a small isolated reality an important model for the world of agri-food production. Today Madeo distributes its products in over 23 countries around the world, obtaining prizes and awards for the quality of its products.

The renewable energy of Apepak and Madeo 

In addition to the correct management of oil, agricultural and livestock waste, Madeo has invested in the design of biogas and photovoltaic plants to produce renewable electricity and thermal energy: an eco-sustainable solution for the benefit of the entire supply chain.

"The spirit of ecological innovation that has characterized Madeo never slumbers, even after so many successes" continues Anna Madeo. "We must not forget how much the environment needs us, today more than ever. We cannot think of exploiting the resources that nature offers us, without then acting to protect nature itself ”.

Apepak e Madeo Green packaging sostenibile salumifici

The words of this young businesswoman perfectly encapsulate the philosophy that guides Apepak: the rinspection for the environment and the enhancement of natural resources, play a fundamental role in the life of each company, as well as of each individual.

“The choice of Apepak cloths for the packaging of our Black Pig Salami fits precisely in this context. The use of a 100% natural and biodegradable cloth, as opposed to the use of plastic, is combined with the green approach of the supply chain and transmits to the consumer, fortunately increasingly evolved in terms of ecology, the ethics of Madeo ".

Apepak come packaging sostenibile per il Salame di Suino Nero Madeo Green

In addition, in cotton and beeswax Apepak offers Madeo an additional, very important advantage: the insulation produced by the beeswax does not interfere in any way on the taste of the product, but does protects the organoleptic properties more than a classic vacuum packaging can do.

“We tested the conservation of our cured meats for over 30 days and the result was exceptional. The transpiration of Apepak oxygenates the product avoiding the creation of mold and weight loss, while all the aromas remain intact. We rediscover the flavors of our grandparents. "

Thus was born the idea of a line of salami packaged with FSC and Apepak certified cardboard which takes the name "As it once was” . In addition to the authenticity of the flavors offered by Madeo, the traditional concept of reuse is thus expressed. Even after consuming the product, our clothes will remain part of the good habits of every family, wash after wash, with renewed energy!


Together, Apepak and Madeo can offer the Italian market a choice of unique quality, the result of processing techniques with reduced environmental impact that carry with them all the value of tradition. When ethical conscience influences our big and small choices, we can really hope for a collective change.

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