Apepak is not just a product: it is a way of doing good

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Apepak is not just a product: it is a way of doing good

  • Hands on the ground for the environment: together with Terra Cruda® an abandoned land becomes a flowery field

    Apepak joins easyIT and Terra Cruda® to transform an abandoned land into a flowery field. With over 2000 native plants of chamomile, tulips and cornflowers we will offer nourishment to pollinating insects and redevelop the Vei territory.
  • The History of Apepak Cloths

    Today we want to share with you everything that led to the birth of Apepak cloths to encourage you in the choice of Italian, ecological and eco-sustainable products. In a world that seems to have taken the opposite direction, this truly represents a revolutionary act. In your daily life, you can choose to be an example and you can really contribute to the preservation of the planet. Change in an ethical sense is within the reach of each of us.
  • Tradition, Flavor and Eco-sustainability: Apepak replaces the plastic of Madeo salamis

    The choice of Apepak cloths for the 100% natural packaging of its products represents for Madeo the most recent step in an exceptional journey based on respect for the environment and the eco-sustainability of each resource.

    “We tested the conservation of our cured meats for over 30 days and the result was exceptional. The transpiration of Apepak oxygenates the product avoiding the creation of mold and weight loss, while all the aromas remain intact ".

  • Apepak and CONAPI-Mielizia partnership; together for Biodiversity and organic beekeepers

    The strong bond that has been created between APEPAK and CONAPI-MIELIZIA stems from respect for the environment, protection of biodiversity, the fight against waste and love for a healthy and natural diet! A desire for change is growing in the hearts of Italians and we at Apepak want to nurture and support it with
  • Alessandro De Rossi: "about Apepak ..."

    Alessandro De Rossi is one of the owners of the De Rossi Bakery, the most famous among the bakeries in the city of Verona, and perhaps the oldest still existing ...We are constantly looking for products to offer our customers. P.providing our customers with an opportunity that is actually useful, for themselves and for the environment, does not seem like a small thing to me ....
  • Christmas with Apepak and the real "Comfort Food"

    Today we speak more and more often of "Comfort Food" or that food capable of comforting, cuddling, satisfying people's emotional needs. The difficu...
  • October for bees

    I am Massimo the founder of Apepak and today I personally write this letter because I particularly want to share this month's topic regarding our c...
  • No, we don't sell on Amazon.

    A short message from the management: We believe in our community, we believe in the value of human relationships. We believe in hard work and the s...
  • Legambiente rewards Apepak for innovation

    An award for Apepak from Legambiente   Do you know what Festambiente is? Many of you certainly do, and for those unfamiliar with it, we remind you ...
  • The art of changing the world.

    If you too want to convey a message of Ecology, Empathy, Social Inclusion, if you too have a vision of a better world, find out what we can offer 
  • The Facelia and the Greater Widow: the flowers that save bees that we donate with Apepak

    There are 14 municipalities in the Veneto that are planting Facelia and Vedovina Maggiore, the bee-friendly flower. It is one of the most sought af...
  • GOTS: the ethical cotton of Apepak

    The GOTS is recognized as the most important standard for the sustainable production of clothing and textile products made from natural fibers from organic farming such as organic cotton or organic wool.