No, we don't sell on Amazon.

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No, we don't sell on Amazon.

A short message from the management:

We believe in our community, we believe in the value of human relationships. We believe in hard work and the satisfaction of building together.

So we have created a short supply chain: we sell directly to those who want to buy on our site and to those who want to buy through independent stores that support our mission.

We believe it is important to distance ourselves from those companies that do not share our principles, as much as to approach and collaborate with those who do share them.

We are not interested in the "convenience" of Amazon, it does not convince us. Jeff Besos, the owner of Amazon has reached the top of the ranking of the richest and most influential men on the planet in a few years and honestly, we don't care a damn.

We prefer the "share as you go" philosophy: sharing while you go, while you grow.

We share our journey with families, associations, GAS, schools, chefs, artists, associations and Italian shopkeepers, ambassadors of sustainability (and of the Apepak mission).

You can find them on this page:


Happy Shopping then on our website or in the best sustainable shop in your city!

The direction.

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