Proximity shops: when evolution rhymes with tradition

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Proximity shops: when evolution rhymes with tradition

How many times, walking along the streets of our city, have we wondered where the small shops in family business, those where they recognize you, know what your tastes and preferences are, offer new products certified by the experience and smile of those who have chosen them for you?


They call them proximity shops, even if within us we call them by name: a tradition in every part of the world that is disappearing under the pressure of the needs of large retailers, a resource for cities that are aging and would need the widespread presence of small aids even for shopping .


Apepak believes in small business

Since our inception, now over a year ago, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing the consumption of plastic in the world and transforming consumption habits from an inclusive perspective: this is evidenced by the involvement of Italian beekeepers, the production of our Apepakk sheets in the social cooperative, the use of GOTS certified cotton, our choice to entrust the role of Ambassadors to proximity shops, perhaps managed by the second or third generation and attentive to the needs and desire for change of their customers. Here you can find the list of our Ambassadors: those who believed in Apepak - because they tried it - and immediately became our most important testimonials.

 Apepack e i negozi di prossimità

New habits and old consumers

Offering Apepak in the store means taking a clear position, and accompanying customers towards a greener future, concretely demonstrating that it is possible to reduce plastic consumption through a pleasant, easy and inexpensive change of habits.

We want to help and guide small shops in the transformation of their business, to make them more and more purchasing advisors and fewer and fewer product suppliers: spreading the culture of ethical consumption, ecological awareness and the concrete possibility that small changes, all together, can become a great change.

If you have a local store and are interested in becoming an Apepak Ambassador, contact us: we have many ideas to talk about together.

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