Christmas with Apepak and the real "Comfort Food"

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Christmas with Apepak and the real "Comfort Food"

Today we speak more and more often of "Comfort Food" or that food capable of comforting, cuddling, satisfying people's emotional needs. The difficulties of the last year related to COVID-19 have highlighted the consolatory role that food is playing.

It is not difficult for us Italians to imagine how much this can be linked to traditional recipes, handed down from generation to generation, together with childhood memories, scents of the territory, affections and history. The Christmas season is just one of those times when the teachings of the past invade our hearts.

But the recipe is not everything: the raw materials make the real difference! 

The beekeepers of CONAPI-Honey (our official partners for the supply of beeswax with which we make Apepak cloths for food preservation), he knows well Micro-Hover (model company of sustainability and organic agriculture, our business partner), the team of Do the right thing (which has always promoted critical consumption and sustainable lifestyles).

The genuineness of the products, the slow processing techniques, the respect for seasonality and the richness of truly natural aromas have meant that those recipes have really entered our hearts.. This is why today once again we invite you to choose carefully the foods you bring to the table, their history and their origin.

Love for the land and the sense of belonging to the environment that surrounds us do the rest.

In fact, by choosing a sustainable lifestyle and sharing as much as possible a true path of change and awareness, one can only receive as much wealth from the planet and gratitude from society. Using Apepak cloths is only the first step we can take. The subsequent ones will arise from the sharing of initiatives linked to the territory, from the choice of products born in respect of the people and resources of our country, from the defense of the concepts of bio-diversity and ecology. This can truly surround us with new energy and comfort.

This Christmas, let's give ourselves a better world!

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