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Hands on the ground for the environment: together with Terra Cruda® an abandoned land becomes a flowery field

We are pleased to announce the "Hands on Earth" event organized with easyIT and Terra Cruda® to transform an abandoned land into a flowery field. Together we will plant 2000 native plants of chamomile, tulips and cornflowers in order to attract pollinating insects and redevelop the Vei territory. There will be workshops to create lovely artifacts starting from the blend of Terra Cruda® and a guided excursion to discover the typical flora and fauna of Mount Pietra Perduca.


At Apepak we have always promoted the protection of the environment and respect for pollinating insects, wonderful creatures on which over 70% of agricultural production depends. We are therefore always looking for local partners with whom to talk about the value of biodiversity through entertaining and educational initiatives.

Along our way we met Terra Cruda® that like us has chosen to focus on natural, ecological products, made with raw materials offered by the territory of origin. The common intent made us feel close but it is the sharing of intent that makes us stronger. So with the support of easyIT (digital agency that assists local companies in choosing innovative and eco-sustainable business models) we designed the "HANDS IN THE EARTH FOR THE ENVIRONMENT" event.

TERRA CRUDA® by Monica Bispo

The heart of the event is represented by TERRA CRUDA® by Monica Bispo

Monica Bispo is a restorer, designer of green spaces. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of ancient materials and techniques he created Terra Cruda® a special blend with which he creates “live” pots, that is, capable of guaranteeing nourishment to the plant themselves.

Its goal is to concretize the theory of Fukuoka, a Japanese botanist and philosopher, a precursor of natural agriculture. Straw, an essential element of Terra Cruda® pots, helps to contain soil moisture and at the same time develops microorganisms that allow the development and fertilization of the earth. Human intervention is thus reduced to a minimum.


The initiative marries two important causes.

The first is there protection of pollinating insects, who with their hard work silently contribute every day to bring food to our tables. In particular, the mission of the event aims to favor the repopulation of bees. The small and precious humming workers, who risk disappearing forever from our planet due to pollution and other environmental factors for which we are directly responsible.

The second involves the Apennine landscape, a treasure that we too often take for granted, and which, on the contrary, should be valued. The goal will be to transform an abandoned land into a flowery field. Together, we will plant 2,000 chamomile, tulip and cornflower seedlings in order to attract pollinating insects.

The event is divided into different moments and is suitable for all ages. In addition to planting of 2000 native plants (tulips, chamomile and cornflowers and wild flowers) are expected workshops to create lovely artifacts starting from the Terra Cruda mixture and a guided excursion to discover the typical flora and fauna of Mount Pietra Perduca, a mountain in the Ligurian Apennines around which fascinating curiosities revolve (just think that it was once submerged).

Thanks to Apepak you could then have lunch outdoors with a zero impact pick nick!

Here you will find the complete program of the event and all the details to participate:


It will be an unforgettable experience and a constructive way to recreate and reconnect with nature! We look forward to seeing you and we hope to be able to carry out initiatives like this more often.

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