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Treviso, November 3, 2021

The Treviso food experts of Fida-Confcommercio will distribute sustainable wrappers in the shops next to the house. Short supply chains are put into practice. How daily shopping changes.

apepak usato dagli alimentaristi del trevigiano

The small grocery stores under the house, neighborhood or neighborhood, those that during the pandemic returned smiles and delivered expenses on the doors of the elderly, initiate the plastic free revolution. They do this by putting into practice those "small" and "big gestures" which - if put together - would have the power to change the world.

la conferenza Unascom dove i casolini decidono di usare Apepak al banco alimentare

They try from behind the counter, sensitizing their customers and consumers, with the use of "scartosso" 5.0, a new zero-km wrapper, designed and produced to wrap and take home fresh foods such as cold cuts, fruit, vegetables, snack or spice that bears a symbolic name of the new packaging: Apepak®. Designed by Massimo Massarotto and Molly Knickerbocker and produced by the Social Cooperative L’incontro Industria 4.0 in Vedelago (TV), Apepak® it is already depopulating on social networks come on


Massimo Massarotto e Molly creatori del primo packaging sostenibile per alimenti italiano

It is made with organic GOTS cotton, organic beeswax from CONAPI honey beekeepers, organic jojoba oil and natural pine resin. The Apepak sheets and bags are washable with cold water or natural soap and reusable up to 1000 times, packed in a totally biodegradable paper bag, they save at least 1 square meter of plastic per day per family, they wrap and protect the both cooked and raw foods including bread, cheese, snacks.

In addition to bringing a breath of ecology to the kitchen, Apepak® contributes to social inclusion because it is created by the Social Cooperative L'Incontro Industria 4.0, which aims to integrate people with disabilities into the world of work, demonstrating that it wants to fully combine sustainability with social inclusion. The slogan of the package speaks clearly and sends an explicit message: “Apepak® it makes sense in every sense ".


confcommercio treviso i casolini e gli alimentari regalano Apepak per spingere la rivoluzione ecosostenibile

“As a Fida-Confcommercio group - he explains Riccardo Zanchetta - we are immediately convinced of the technical validity of the product and we realize every day more, especially in this post-Covid recovery period, that sustainability must become part of our daily values. It cannot remain a slogan but must become a physical gesture. We have chosen to buy Apepak® as a Group, to initiate distribution and to ensure that our stores can convey this message every day, from behind the fresh produce ban. Less plastic wrapping and more sustainability, for convenience that becomes an added value for everyone. Businesses, consumers, society. Only in this way, by combining quality, freshness and passion, we can make a difference. While the large-scale retail trade is studying plastic packaging for single portions, we offer reusable organic “waste”. The amount of waste produced by plastic packaging and cellophane is a problem that affects everyone, not just our category. We are trying to raise awareness among consumers, who also show great attention to the issue ".

"We would like to thank Unascom - Confcommercio for giving us the opportunity to take part as speaker at this conference, allowing us to come into direct contact with the Fida - Confcommercio Group. Apepak® is a reality constantly engaged in the protection of the planet and both environmental and social sustainability. All our products are 100% natural and are made with Gots cotton and Italian organic beeswax from CONAPI-MIELIZIA beekeepers which contributes to the protection of over 5 billion bees. Apepak and Conapi and Mielizia are united in this project by common goals and shared values such as the defense of bees, the environment, biodiversity and consumer awareness. "These are the words with which Attilio Biancardi, project coordinator - intervened at the conference representing Apepak® - commented on the company's commitment to sustainability. "Apepak® - continues Biancardi - was the first Italian company and one of the first in the world to have devised sustainable packaging that can replace plastic and cellophane in the kitchen.

apepak è il perfetto involucro salvafreschezza per il formaggio

Our production is located in Italy and we make use of the precious contribution of the Social Cooperative L'Incontro Industria 4.0. Giving work to people with disabilities and helping to enhance their talents and their creativity is a great source of pride for us. The goals of zero waste and plastic free in the kitchen that we set for ourselves are achievable through a work of awareness and education of consumers that has its roots in the family and in a necessary change of habits in this sense. As the first ambassadors of Apepak's mission, we are keen to constantly spread the importance of a sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle and we are pleased to be able to voice our philosophy in front of an audience of professionals in the food sector. "

confcommercio presenta gli Apepak personalizzati per gli alimentari che useranno la pellicola ecologica per formaggi e affettati


At the premiere of “Apepak®"Unascom top management, some category presidents, and the production managers of this" short chain "project participated: Matteo Massarotto, legal representative, Elisa Barbirato, administrative manager, Nicola Pozzebon, production manager of Apepak®.

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