The Facelia and the Greater Widow: the flowers that save bees that we

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The Facelia and the Greater Widow: the flowers that save bees that we donate with Apepak

There are 14 municipalities in the Veneto that are planting Facelia and Vedovina Maggiore, the bee-friendly flower. It is one of the most sought after and cultivated melliferous plants which plays a very important role in the conservation of biodiversity and biological struggle. The Facelia is an annual flower: it is replanted every year; from the plant is obtained a honey of the highest quality. Once withered, the Facelia turns into a precious nourishment for the soil, so much so that it is considered a real natural fertilizer. You can grow it indoors too, planting it from April to the end of summer: a nice pot, a bag of seeds (as a gift with Apepak) and weekly watering are enough to enjoy the beautiful blue-violet flowers and the satisfied buzz of our little flying friends .

Bees are in danger of extinction and conservation programs are being created around the world for their proliferation.

With Apepak you protect the honey bee because our products are created with beeswax rigorously chosen through the sustainable supply chain WBA of those who practice beekeeping with rigor, seriousness and love for this little friend.

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