GOTS: the ethical cotton of Apepak

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GOTS: the ethical cotton of Apepak

No, we're not talking about the TV series that glued people to their screens at three in the morning: GOTS in this case it is the acronym of Global Organic Textile Standard, the certification that guarantees the cotton with which we manufacture the Apepak sheets. We have told you a lot about bees and wax, but it is also fair to tell you how the cotton we use is made, and why cotton is also part of the ethical and sustainable process that is the basis of our philosophy.

GOTS cotton canvas is a certified and guaranteed product: it is organic cotton, grown with methods and products that have a low impact on the environment. For its production, organic production systems are used to fertilize the soil, eliminating the use of pesticides and chemical, toxic and persistent fertilizers in the cotton itself and in the environment.

The GOTS is recognized as the most important standard for the sustainable production of clothing and textile products made from natural fibers from organic farming such as organic cotton or organic wool.

 Why Apepak chooses certified cotton 

What we want to create is a virtuous circle: choosing environmentally friendly products is a choice of life, even more than philosophy; a cotton grown with biological methods and without pesticides it is safe for the life of bees, improves the conditions of those who cultivate and harvest it, creates a product safe and healthy.

What GOTS certifies

The Global Organic Textile Standard was developed by leading international organizations in organic agriculture to ensure that organic textile products are obtained in compliance with environmental and social criteria applied at all levels of production, from the field harvesting of natural fibers to the subsequent stages manufacturing, up to the labeling of the finished product.



  • Ban on the use of toxic heavy metals, formaldehyde, aromatic solvents, functional nano particles, OMG and other enzymes
  • Ban on the use of chlorine-based bleaches
  • Ban on the use of azo dyes
  • Natural materials must be separated from conventional fiber products throughout the production process
  • All operators must comply with an environmental protection policy with precise objectives and procedures aimed at minimizing consumption and discharges
  • The waste water from all wet processing units must be treated through a functional water treatment plant


Raw materials, semi-finished products and final textile products must not contain any type of toxic or harmful substances. Unlike many other manufacturers of beeswax food wrappers (also made in Italy), unfortunately, using organic products is not enough, especially when it comes to contact with food. Our laboratory tests are very tight and to date we are the only manufacturers of cotton and beeswax wrappers to be certified for contact with food in Italy and to test all our products for:

pesticides, formaldehyde, heavy metals, resistance to acids, products harmful to health.


  •  All producers and those who take part in the processing phases must meet the minimum social requirements, as established in the fundamental standards of the International Labor Organization
  •  The work is chosen freely
  •  Safe and hygienic working conditions
  •  No exploitation of child labor
  •  Salaries adequate to guarantee decent living conditions
  •  Not excessive working hours
  •  No discrimination
  •  Regular forms of employment
  •  No hostile or inhumane treatment

Companies with GOTS certification they are checked annually, as well as being subjected to spontaneous checks. And this is the reason why GOTS meets the most stringent criteria when it comes to natural fibers.

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