How to make a natural schiscetta with Apepak ecological film

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How to make a natural schiscetta

Organize your lunch break in the best possible way with Apepak's ecological film!

Ok, we're not talking about hot soups and pasta, but if your schiscetta is light and natural, take advantage of the arrival of spring by enjoying a sandwich in the open air. With Apepak you will do good to the nature that surrounds you by completely eliminating the use of plastic and you will save on the purchase of food films.

Our ecological film will optimally preserve the taste and fragrance of your sandwich and the next day you can use it again!

Here is a small tutorial for you on how to best package your lunch by creating a bag.

The warmth of your hands will seal the package and you can take it with you with the utmost convenience.

how to make a natural schiscetta with our ecological film

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