How to keep vegetables in the fridge with Apepak ecological film

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How to store vegetables in the fridge

Why choose to buy bulk products such as fruit and vegetables?
Disposable plastics for food preservation represent one of the most polluting factors on our planet. If you want to make the right choice, you have to start right here!

But how can you best preserve fruit and vegetables once they are purchased?
The ecological Apepak film helps you to find a natural solution to how to store vegetables in the fridge and more!

Wrap any type of fruit or vegetable with our ecological cotton and beeswax film, they will stay fresh and crunchy for days! To give the packaging the most suitable shape you will only have to shape it with the warmth of your hands, it will really take a moment.

In the long run, your savings will be both economic and ecological!

how to keep vegetables in the fridge with our ecological film

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