Ethical production in the "Bee Inclusive" Social Cooperative

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Ethical production in the "Bee Inclusive" Social Cooperative

 Apepak invests in the “BEE INCLUSIVE” project by entrusting the production to the members of the Social Cooperative L'incontro Industria 4.0 in support of social cohesion. The strength of the business that supports the marginalized in an essential way, to improve the quality of life for all. Thanks to the contribution of the Social Cooperative The Industry 4.0 meeting which has built its history on the theme of social redemption and mutual trust, Apepak becomes a product that protects not only the environment and bees, but also people and the economy of our country.

il lavoro etico di Apepak aiuta i ragazzi svantaggiati della cooperativa sociale l'Incontro industria 4.0 di Vedelago

All the production of Apepak cloths for the preservation of zero impact food, was entrusted to The Industry 4.0 Meeting, Social Cooperative of Vedelago (Treviso) born with a very specific mission: support the integration into the world of work of disadvantaged people, frail people, women with no job opportunities, long-term unemployed and young people with employment difficulties.


"We wanted to address the category that already had difficulties in finding work before and we therefore want to give the opportunity to be re-inserted into the social and working fabric" says Massimo Massarotto founder of Apepak. "We try to carry out small projects but with concrete ones”- continues Massarotto. "Each of us must do what we can but in this moment we must make ethical and conscious choices that go in favor of the community. With the Bee inclusive project, we launched a campaign, a clear message, and we are open to creating new projects of a different nature but which have inclusion and collaboration as a common denominator ".


Our Social Cooperative creates a dialogue between local communities and local businesses combining social purposes with an offer of high-level services" explains Lorena Carinato, director of L'incontro Impresa 4.0. "Our goal is to offer an opportunity for redemption to those who need to enter the job market integrating into the social fabric. To achieve this goal, we nurture relationships with companies ensuring maximum efficiency, the support of specialized professionals and investment in training courses that make the final result excellent”.

Apepak's Bee Inclusive project involves the workers of the Cooperative at all levels, from checking raw materials to packaging and shipping.


Each order received activates a true artisan process

Ours is an artisan work - continues Massarotto - therefore, those who enter the project, in addition to being trained, enter the production process and feel they are contributing to the protection of the planet for each packaged Apepak cloth. What we have noticed is the training effectiveness in seeing a physical product made with one's own hands. You are not part of a process, but part of the project because what you create really takes shape.

 Olio di Jojoba biologico resina di pino naturale, cera d'api biologica degli apicoltori e delle api CONAPI, tutti apicoltori italiani impegnati alla lotta contro i pesticidi in Italia e nelle coltivazioni alimentari

  • The cotton cloths are divided and checked one by one while the wax is heated and mixed with jojoba oil And natural pine.
  • The fabric is dipped in wax to obtain itswaterproofing. This step requires a lot of dexterity, attention and care. The durability of Apepak cloths and the efficiency of food storage depend on this.

La produzione Apepak artigianale che da lavoro ai ragazzi e alle ragazze con problemi psichiatrici, restituendo loro indipendenza e dignità

  • The third step is that ofdrying which takes a few days before cutting the sheets in different formats, based on the orders received. 
  • Finally, the workers of L’incontro Impresa 4.0 deal with packaging of Apepak cloths, made manually and exclusively with paper and twine, obviously without any plastic!


We are really very satisfied with what we are doing with Apepak"Finally comments Lorena Carinato"since during the processing of ecological cloths each worker realizes that he is making not only a gesture that is only useful to himself, but also to the environment and future generations. He feels useful and step by step he returns to recognize his own potential within the social fabric”.


The greatest satisfaction that Apepak recognizes

The teaching of the workers of the L’Impresa Incontro 4.0 Cooperative is that of individuals who have not allowed themselves to be overcome by difficult circumstances, but rather challenge each other to overcome the limits that life has imposed on them. Likewise each of us must learn to challenge each other for the good of your planet and your country.

 L’esempio di Cooperative come L’impresa Incontro 4.0 deve far aprire gli occhi sul potenziale immenso rappresentato dalle persone del nostro paese

The example of Cooperatives such as the Encounter 4.0 company must open our eyes to immense potential represented by the people of our country. Today more than ever it is important that Italian companies invest in local labor. Apepak, like its most important partners, from Mielizia to Madeo, believes in value of a short supply chain And in the exaltation of every resource of our territory, from the land, to culture to people. 


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