How to respect Bees and Beekeepers in our supply chain: Apepak and CON

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How to respect Bees and Beekeepers in our supply chain: Apepak and CONAPI-Mielizia; together for Biodiversity

Respect for the environment, protection of biodiversity, responsibility for the production chain and love for a healthy and natural diet: these are the principles on which the strong bond that has been created with CONAPI-Honey!


A desire for change is growing in the hearts of Italians and we at Apepak want to nourish it and support it with confidence, joining our forces with those of the Italian companies that have chosen a quality path, respectful of the times imposed by nature and based on efficient and eco-sustainable processing techniques.

Apepak Conai Mielizia per la tutela di api e apicoltori


CONAPI is a reality of over 600 beekeepers and over 100,000 beehives, the first producers of organic honey in Italy, united by love for their work, respect for bees and defense of biodiversity. Honey And an authentic honey and bee products chain that does its job in full respect for the natural rhythms imposed by beekeeping: from production in the apiary, to control and packaging, up to the marketing of the finished product. A true "hive" where yes collaborates with great I commit And passion, with the aim of enhancing a 100% Italian production, nurturing an increasingly aware culture of all that bees give us.

Well ... how can you not immediately empathize with this project?


We at Apepak have been working for years to sensitize people to the use of products for the preservation of 100% natural and biodegradable food, not only for their usefulness, but as tool to concretely change one's lifestyle towards a circular economy. This is why we have chosen to entrust it to a company like CONAPI-Mielizia supply of beeswax with which we make our cloths.

Apepak Naturale 100%


It is for us a further step towards a complete one traceability of raw materials with which we make Apepak products, after the conversion to the use of GOTS certified organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard), the most important guarantee for the sustainable production of textile products made with natural fibers from organic farming.


Apepak cares about the defense of nature, it is at the forefront of the battle to protect bees, the environment and the products we eat from the use of harmful substances in agriculture”He comments Nicoletta Maffini general director of the National Beekeepers Consortium. "Its corporate values blend perfectly with those of CONAPI-Mielizia and with what we seek in every single step of our production process.. The collaboration with Apepak, therefore, arises from our common goals, but may have a much wider echo in favor of the consumer and the environment.”

Nicoletta Maffini - Direzione Conapi Mielizia


 We are very grateful to CONAPI-Mielizia for their collaboration and for the awareness work they are carrying out. Thanks to the relationships with realities like this we feel more and more motivated and determined to grow our movement.


If you are one of us too, buy and support the Apepak ecological revolution!

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