Alessandro De Rossi: "about Apepak ..."

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Alessandro De Rossi: "about Apepak ..."

Alessandro De Rossi is one of the owners of the De Rossi Bakery, the most famous among the bakeries in the city of Verona, and perhaps the oldest still existing, in the heart of Verona, at the corner with the famous Piazza delle Erbe, the most Veronese, between the squares of the city.

He tells us: "Our notoriety in the city is given by the place where the first of our two stores is located, here we make bread for Verona since the dawn of time, I honestly don't remember when, I know for sure that our family he took over immediately after the war and we too started from there; we like to continue what the family and city traditions have handed down to us.

It is nice to continue to offer our fellow citizens and tourists a piece of our culinary tradition. Not always the best, but still ours, the one that our elders left us.

 We are constantly looking for products to offer to our customers that have innovative content but that match our vision of the evolution of the market. Therefore, in our research, the attention to ecologically avant-garde products, which satisfy the problem of conservation, find in Apepak a perfect idea ".

 Offer our customers a truly useful opportunity, for themselves and for the environment. It doesn't seem like a little to me. Reduce the amount of waste from our environment. After all, even those who have their eyes turned to the past will remember that once it was not necessary to produce plastic waste or throw away paper to take a sandwich or snack out of the house; there were canvas bags, bags ...

With this tool, on the other hand, the product maintains its characteristics at its best, and you can reuse it several times ".

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