BEE DAY 2022

Did you know that every year there is a special day dedicated to all the bees in the world? That's right, every May 20 we pay tribute to these extraordinary creatures, their fascinating way of life and all the good they do for our planet. World Bee Day was established by the United Nations to [...]

EARTH DAY - April 22, 2022

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22, or the World Day dedicated to environmental sustainability and the protection of our Planet. For those like us who are committed to safeguarding our Mother Earth, this is one of the most important green events in the world: about a billion people on this date [...]

A life on a sailing boat with Shibumi Floating Lab: Apepak is also on board!

You know when we say: I give up everything, change my life and go to live on a boat? A phrase that we always say very easily, almost as if it were the easiest way to give a new twist and get out of your comfort zone. Change is instead one of the most difficult, complex and courageous things to do. [...]


Fare la spesa è una di quelle aree in cui ci sono molte opportunità per ridurre la spesa e aumentare i risparmi della famiglia con un ampio margine. Oltre al solito approccio di ridurre direttamente la quantità o la qualità dei tuoi acquisti, c’è un altro modo per risparmiare fino a € 400 dal conto […]