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Apepak Story

The idea was born in 2017 from the great passion for nature of Massimo Massarotto and Molly Knickerbocker, a passion that immediately turns into a job with the desire to create a revolutionary and innovative project.
Massimo: Italian by origin, he lives in California where he found inspiration for his attention to ecological innovation and the redistribution of resources for the benefit of the community. Molly: Californian who grew up in a family of cooks and beekeepers with a passion for healthy and organic food.
Together, after months of work and tests, they gave life to the first prototypes, made with the cotton scraps of Molly's grandmother and her father's beeswax: 100% natural and 100% ecological. A project started as a startup that quickly becomes a benefit company, a leading company in the panorama of sustainability.
Massimo and Molly got married in San Francisco and live in Nevada City in California

the founders


Italian by origin and Californian by adoption. Born in Castelfranco Veneto in 1982, he graduated in International Business Management at ESE Nottingham Trent University. Immediately after graduating, he began his managerial career in the digital world, working for important companies and multinationals in the technology sector applied to projects related to the world of Bio, renewable energy, sustainability. He moved to San Francisco in 2015 and founded a Digital Marketing company where he follows important international expansion projects of various Italian and Californian companies.


In 2017 Massimo met Molly a multifaceted artisan artist from Napa Valley with a past rooted in the culinary arts and wellness. Together they decide to transform their passions into a life mission by dedicating themselves to sustainability. Molly is an artist, jewelry, costume designer and cook. Massimo and Molly founded Apepak in 2017 thinking of putting in the hands of consumers a tool to change our future in a sustainable and regenerative way. The in-depth studies on the beeswax used in Apepak fascinated them so much that they later became beekeepers and ambassadors of "apicentric" beekeeping.


Apepak is produced by the L'Incontro Industria 4.0 Social Cooperative Society in Vedelago (TV). The production employs people with disabilities who, through this work, have the opportunity to highlight and enhance their talents and creativity.
Apepak promotes the “BEE INCLUSIVE” project in support of social cohesion, as an essential force to improve the quality of life and to achieve that ecological conversion that the environment requires of us. Thanks to the contribution of the Social Cooperative The Industry 4.0 meeting which has built its history on the theme of social redemption and mutual trust, Apepak becomes a product that protects not only the environment and bees, but also people and the economy of our country.

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